Advanced Abilities Coaching Session

. $200.00

Have you ever wondered if you have psychic abilities?

Do you feel as though you are empathic, intuitive, psychic, or a medium?

Would you like to discover more about your unique abilities and how to access and manage them?

Psychic Abilities Coaching with Jennifer is unlike any course or training you have ever had. In private Psychic Abilities Coaching session, you will work with Jennifer to unveil your UNIQUE gifts. She will then show you how to expand them and have more control over using your abilities.

Jennifer has worked with gifted individuals from around the world to help them unlock their psychic potential. She has worked with everyone from ultimate beginner that are just scratching the surface of their gifts, to advanced and even renowned psychic Mediums to help them expand and clarify their skills far beyond where they even believed they could reach!

Many of Jennifer's students have gone from barely understanding their gifts to running their own successful psychic practices. Some have even become mentors themselves! Not everyone that learns to understand and control their gifts has the intention of going into business with it. Many just want to find a way to understand and calm the chaos that can come along with having abilities and not knowing how to manage them.

If you feel that any of this applies to you, then working with Jennifer is the first step in achieving your goals with your abilities! Congratulations on taking this step.

*Please note that Jennifer only works with a limited number of students at a time. This is an individual session, which is intended to help with a few direct issues or questions. If you are looking to become a student then please know that there will be a minimum number of 10 session required to work with Jennifer. There is a discount of 10% when booking 10 sessions. If it is currently sold out, then please email us and we can either invoice you directly or add your name to the waiting list (if her student roster is currently full). We will contact you in order as soon as a space opens up.

Look for Jennifer's NEW course, Can You Be A Medium?, launching soon!

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